Nychology - natural nail care

Nychology is the branch of dermatology that deals with the scientific study of the health of nails, alternative treatments and the relation to nails care.
This branch is unique to the world of nails and includes alternative treatment methods for nail health care.

The word Nychology Originates in Greek, meaning "nail theory"; νύχια meaning is nail.

Nicology is a medical and therapeutic alternative to conventional medicine. It does not contradict it, but adds to it, and allows for certain and orderly treatment methods based on natural solutions.

The world of natural medicine has been known for thousands of years, and has recently begun to gain significant appreciation.
Alternative medicine deals with finding solutions to physical illnesses by turning to their root.  Nowadays it seems very simple - there is a disease, you see a doctor, you get ointment or pills and everything works out. But what is the cause of the problem? What can ensure us it will not appear again? And is it necessary to burden the body with non-natural substances? It is easy to be a prisoner of the medical system and to sink in more treatments and more pills, and pills against pills. And pills against treatments. This vicious circle has no end. The hardest thing is to deal with truth and  understand that health is natural, and it is ours. Of course conventional medicine is very important, but we must take responsibility for our lives and realize that  we can make the change.

In the field of nails, in cases that do not require surgical intervention, can be treated naturally.
Conventional medical treatments are sometimes required, but mainly in severe cases that result from long-term neglect or incorrect treatment.

Nicology is the specialty of nail care, oriented by natural methods. 

Nychology - natural nail care
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